Camp Quantum Schedule (Archive of Summer 2022)



The command line


The command line is a text-based interface for controlling a computer. The computer prints a prompt, and users type in commands they want to run. Each command executes might take input before running on the computer, and it might produce output during the course of its execution. Output could include printing to the screen, storing something on disk, or producing network messages.

While it might appear primitive when compared to graphical applications, the command line is a powerful environment that allows users great flexibility.

We will work through Aquinas’s unix exercise together.



Git is a software development tool that allows teams to work together on large projects. Git is also useful for managing personal projects. Many web-base platforms exist today that are built around Git, including GitLab and GitHub.

We will work through Aquinas’s git exercise together.

Java programming

The practice of programming involves expressing a program using a programming language and arranging to run that program on a computer. Many programming languages exist, and one popular example is Java. We use Java in our introductory programming course.

We will work through Aquinas’s hello in Java exercise together.