CS356 Schedule (Archive of Fall 2021)

Calendar feed: https://www.flyn.org/courses/cs356-2021-fall/schedule.ics
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Tuesday, Sep 7 1. Introduction; intro Aquinas ssh, unix, git, and hello in C
Thursday, Sep 9 2. Remember C?; c 0x200– 0x267
Tuesday, Sep 14 3. Recon, exploit, persist, move, exfil Just enough networking; ops-and-net-intro Aquinas git and hello in C Aquinas computer, cdrom, and decode in C
Thursday, Sep 16 4. Port scanning and fingerprinting 0x270– 0x287 (In class: Aquinas recon)
Tuesday, Sep 21 5. Tricks with SSH and other network tools; net-error-handling.c Aquinas decode in C Aquinas network in C and overflow in C (In class: Aquinas sshgames)
Thursday, Sep 23 6. Surprising communication channels and those dang buffers; channels-and-buffers covert_tcp.c 0x300– 0x320
Tuesday, Sep 28 7. Shell code and privilege escalation Introduction and demonstration; retval-fun Aquinas network in C and overflow in C Aquinas smash in C, syscall in AMD64, shellcode in C
Thursday, Sep 30 8. Shellcode and countermeasures; stack.c stack shellcode-and-countermeasures 0x321– 0x359
Tuesday, Oct 5 9. Return-oriented programming 1; rop service-retlibc32.c service-retlibc32 service-retlibc64.c service-retlibc64 Aquinas smash in C, syscall in AMD64, shellcode in C Aquinas nop in C and rop in C
Thursday, Oct 7 10. Return-oriented programming 2; rop2 0x500
Tuesday, Oct 12 11. Exam 1
Thursday, Oct 14 12. Catch up and exam review
Tuesday, Oct 19 13. Networking A different kind of stack: abstraction; net2 Aquinas nop in C and rop in C Aquinas udpscan in C
Thursday, Oct 21 14. ARP; arp 0x400– 0x433
Tuesday, Oct 26 15. Writing raw packets, and reading all packets; low-level-net arpreq.c Aquinas udpscan in C Aquinas arpspoof in C
Thursday, Oct 28 16. Denial of service and more port scanning 0x440– 0x483
Tuesday, Nov 2 17. Web and cryptographic attacks; tls Aquinas arpspoof in C Aquinas tlsproxy in C
Thursday, Nov 4 18. Passwords and More TLS; tls2 0x700– 0x753
Tuesday, Nov 9 19. Attacks on the web; web xssd.go steald.go Aquinas tlsproxy in C Aquinas xss in C
Thursday, Nov 11 20. More attacks on the web; web2 bankd.go cmdinjectd.go sqlinjectd.go
Tuesday, Nov 16 21. Program analysis; analysis uninit.c use-after-free.c double-free.c leak.c overflow.c race.c Aquinas xss in C
Thursday, Nov 18
Tuesday, Nov 23 23. Exam 2
Thursday, Nov 25 24. Thanksgiving break
Friday, Nov 26 25. Thanksgiving break
Tuesday, Nov 30 26. Binary reverse engineering; reveng1 Makefile hello.c if.c case.c for.c while.c do.c array.c Aquinas reveng2 in C, reveng3 in C, and reveng4 in C
Thursday, Dec 2 27. reveng2 hellobye.c
Tuesday, Dec 7 28. Protocol reverse engineering Aquinas reveng2 in C, reveng3 in C, and reveng4 in C Aquinas netreveng1 in C
Thursday, Dec 9
Tuesday, Dec 14 30. Review; review Aquinas netreveng1 in C
Saturday, Dec 18 31. Final exam