CS356 Resources

Required Resources

(2008). Hacking: The Art of Exploitation. No Starch Press.

The example code from the course textbook is available from the book’s website, and an image of the book’s CD-ROM is available here. You can boot the CD-ROM using VirtualBox or other system-virtualization platforms.

Aquinas is an interactive learning system that aims to teach computer programming and exploit development.

The C Programming Language

Flyn on C suggests ways to write more robust programs in C.

Deep C provides some surprising details about the C programming language.

A Guide to Undefined Behavior in C and C++ dives into C’s undefined behavior.


Debugging with GDB documents the use of the GNU Debugger.

x86_64 Architecture

Intel publishes a number of manuals describing their architecture:

The Unix Command Line

Welcome to the Linux command line for you and me! provides an introduction to the Linux command line.

UW–L Computer Science Department technology notes provides information about how to use the computing facilities provided by the UW–L Computer Science Department.