Authenticate Callback

Authenticate Callback — Defining an Authenticate Callback

Authenticate Callback

The "authenticate" callback allows a program to prompt for an authentication token after receiving an indication from a DMAP server that authentication is required. Once it receives the authentication token, the callback should call dmap_connection_authenticate_message.

The following is a simple "authenticate" callback:

static void
authenticate_cb(DmapConnection *connection,
                const char     *name,
                SoupSession    *session,
                SoupMessage    *msg,
                SoupAuth       *auth,
                gboolean        retrying,
                gpointer        user_data)
	char *username, password[BUFSIZ + 1];
	g_object_get (connection, "username", &username, NULL);
	fgets (password, BUFSIZ, stdin);
	password[strlen(password) - 1] = 0x00; /* Remove newline. */

	dmap_connection_authenticate_message(connection, session, msg, auth, password);