Hugo is a static HTML and CSS website generator, and Academic adds themes and features to Hugo.

  1. Clone the Hugo Academic kickstart project: git clone
  2. Enter the directory.
  3. Clone the theme submodule: git submodule update --init --recursive.
  4. Edit the files in content/home, setting the active flag based on the site needs.
  5. Edit config/_default/params.toml and config/_default/config.toml as appropriate. Set disablePathToLower = true in config.toml.
  6. Edit content/authors/admin/
  7. Replace content/authors/admin/avatar.jpg or configure to use Gravatar.
  8. Replace assets/images/icon.png with a 512×512 image.
  9. Create content using commands like hugo new --kind project notes/
  10. Edit config/
  11. Adjust appearance by editing assets/scss/custom.scss.
  12. Run hugo server to test the site.